Full Services For Dogs Up to 60 lb


-Prices will vary from these base prices due to breed, temperament, size, coat, drying time, length of time since last grooming and difficulty of haircut.

-Proof of Current Rabies Required

-We groom small, medium and large dogs (up to 60 lb)

-Pets are groomed one-on-one, with no cage time.

*Pricing subject to change

These are the starting rates per breed, based on a standard sized dog with a well maintained, healthy coat. De-shedding, de-matting, larger than average, and other special needs may result in an additional charge at the groomer’s discretion.

Bath n Brush Out

-Bathed,Blow dried & Brushed-Ears & Eyes Cleaned,Plucked if needed-Nails Clipped,File as needed-Cologne,Bandana or Bows

Dog Bath n Brush  Small (Up to 20 lb) $60.00

Dog Bath n Brush Medium (21-40 lb) $65.00-$75

Dog Bath n Brush Medium Large (41-60 lb) $75.00-$90

Full Groom

-Bath & Brush Out PLUS-Pad & Paws Trimmed-Full Coat Clip,Cut,Shape & style(To Owners Specific Requirements or to Breed Standards)

Dog Full Groom Small (Up to 20 lb) $80.00-$90

Dog Full Groom Medium (21-40 lb) $90.00-$100

Dog Full Groom Medium Large (41-60 lb) $95.00-$120

Adds on Services

Nail Clip $10.00

-Dremmel Nails $5.00

-Anal Express $10.00

-Teeth Brush $10.00

-De-Shedding/De-matting $15.00 Every 20 min

-Flea Shampoo $20.00-40.00

Pet’s Shampoo we use :

Oatmeal & Alo-Odor Eliminator-Green Tea-Degrease.Deep Conditioning-Hypo-Allergenic

HoPPooh’s Kitty Cut Service

I do not accept cats anymore.sorry.