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Products & Services Available at HoPPooH Mobile Grooming

We offer a variety of Products and Services, including All Natural Products,to protect your Dog’s Skin, Coat, and Paws
Shampoo and Bath
A warm sudsy bath is a great way to start your pet’s visit. We offer a variety of professional shampoos and treatments to treat common and not so common issues.
Nail Trimming/Grinding
Any full service groom includes nail trimming and grinding.  There are more than just aesthetic reasons to trim your dogs nails––untrimmed nails can cause a variety of problems, including broken nails (which are painful) and the development of arthritis and or sore paws.  Grinding offers a smoother/rounder nail and we are able to get closer to the quick, as well as providing your dog with that professional finished look.

  • Nail trimming is a regular necessity for many dogs. Be careful not to clip into the quick of the nail. The quick has a nerve and is similar to a vein. If you cut into the quick the nail will bleed and the dog will experience pain.  Trimming the nails routinely will shorten the quick and will make the progress easier. 

Ear Wash

Also a part of every bath. Keeping the ears clean can help keep the ears healthy.

  • Proper ear care for your dog can prevent painful infections and repeat trips to the vet. It is not recommended using alcohol to clean a dog’s ear. Alcohol will dry the ear canal and may cause inflammation.  

Puppy Grooming
Once your puppy is vaccinated, it is never too soon to get them into the salon for the first time. We will help your puppy get accustomed to the bath and grooming experience.

Dry or Oily Skin/Coat Treatment

Like their owners, many dogs face problems with their coat being too dry or too oily. Dry coats can often times be very itchy and uncomfortable while coats that are too oily can have an unpleasant odor. Our special shampoos will help your pet find a happy and healthy balance.

  • Does your dog have dry skin and dull hair? Add one teaspoon of olive, sunflower or fish oil to your dog’s daily food. This will add shine to your dog’s coat and help reduce shedding. 

Whitening Treatment

As dogs get dirty their coats can sometimes lose their luster. We have a special whitening shampoo that will help bring back their white and bright coat without damaging their skin.

Conditioning Treatment
Some dogs have chronic issues with their fur tangling and becoming matted. If treated early with a deep conditioning treatment, their coat can be combed out without discomfort.

Like people, we have seen dogs with allergies to just about everything under the sun. That’s why we always have hypoallergenic shampoo on hand.

  • If a dog is constantly itching it may be because of food allergies. Some dogs have allergic reactions to certain proteins. Their immune systems react by releasing histamines, which cause itching. A dog can eat the same food for years and suddenly become allergic to it. 
  • Summer clipping is advisable for the long hair dogs for hygienic reasons as well as for the dog’s comfort. Shorter hair during the summer requires less combing, does not shed as much and stays cleaner. Clipped dogs are less likely to get fleas or skin diseases caused by parasites that prefer skin under heavy coats.

Dog Teeth Brushing
It is extra service upon request

  • Bad Breath is not a normal characteristic of a dog.  Brushing a dog’s teeth keeps them much healthier. Tartar and other infected areas in the mouth produce bacteria that may extend to other parts of the body such as the kidneys, liver, intestinal tract, and heart. Brushing a dog’s teeth regularly will reduce the build-up of odor-producing bacteria and increase the life expectancy of your dog.  If the plaque build-up is heavy, we recommend consulting your Veterinarian. 

Dog Eye Care

Along with regular trimming of the hair around the eyes, we also offer tear stain removal shampoo upon request.

  • Keeping the hair trimmed around the dog’s eyes will prevent hairs from poking and scratching the eye. Hair is abrasive enough to cause damage to the eye. In addition, keeping the hair short will keep your dogs vision clear.
  • Click Here For All My Haircuts and Styles 

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Full Services For Dogs Up to 70 lb


-Prices will vary from these base prices due to breed, temperament, size, coat, drying time, length of time since last grooming and difficulty of haircut.

-Proof of Current Rabies Required

-We groom small, medium and large dogs (under 70 lb)

-Pets are groomed one-on-one, with no cage time.

*Pricing subject to change

These are the starting rates per breed, based on a standard sized dog with a well maintained, healthy coat. De-shedding, de-matting, larger than average, and other special needs may result in an additional charge at the groomer’s discretion.

Bath n Brush Out

-Bathed,Blow dried & Brushed-Ears & Eyes Cleaned,Plucked if needed-Nails Clipped,File as needed-Cologne,Bandana or Bows

Dog Bath n Brush  Small (Up to 20 lb) $60.00

Dog Bath n Brush Medium (21-40 lb) $65.00-$75

Dog Bath n Brush Medium Large (41-60 lb) $75.00-$90

Full Groom

-Bath & Brush Out PLUS-Pad & Paws Trimmed-Full Coat Clip,Cut,Shape & style(To Owners Specific Requirements or to Breed Standards)

Dog Full Groom Small (Up to 20 lb) $80.00-$90

Dog Full Groom Medium (21-40 lb) $90.00-$100

Dog Full Groom Medium Large (41-60 lb) $95.00-$120

Adds on Services

Nail Clip $10.00

-Dremmel Nails $5.00

-Anal Express $10.00

-Teeth Brush $10.00

-De-Shedding/De-matting $15.00 Every 20 min

-Flea Shampoo $20.00

Pet’s Shampoo we use :

Oatmeal & Alo-Odor Eliminator-Green Tea-Degrease.Deep Conditioning-Hypo-Allergenic

HoPPooh’s Kitty Cut Service

I do not accept cats anymore.sorry.



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