Grooming Terminology

Dog Grooming Basic Cut – Terminology

  • Schnauzer Cut
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    The Schnauzer cut isn’t just for Schnauzers – this type of cut is also appropriate for other types of large to small breed dogs with the same type of hair characteristics. The Schnauzer cut leaves longer hair on the dog’s legs while trimming the back and sides very short; a light fringe of hair is left on the lower side of the dog’s body and a little ‘mustache’ cut sculpts the hair around the dog’s face.

  • Cocker Cut
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  • This is another pattern that can be put on most dogs and looks great. It’s very similar to the Schnauzer cut, but without the sharp angles. The straight lined pattern is set and the legs and skirt are left full. The face is shaved and some pet parents like to leave the head furry, while others prefer it to be shaved along with the top 1/3 of the ear.

  • Poodle Cut(s)
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    There are many different poodle cuts to choose from. We recommend an in person consultation when selecting one of these cuts so that our groomer can assess your dog’s coat and determine which is the best for your dog. Typically poodles have shaved feet and faces, rounded top knots and fluffy hair. These cuts only work for dogs with fluffy hair.

  • Lamb Cut
  • IMG_5982 
  • The lamb cut is great on fluffy dogs like poodles, bichons, and even shih-tzus and schnauzers. The body is cut at the pet parent’s desired length while the legs are left fluffy, but are scissored to be neat and blended into the body.

  • Lion Cut
  •  IMG_6488
  • The lion cut really only looks good on dogs that have very full, straight hair like Pomeranians, chows, and collie type dogs. The rear end of the body is shaved close to the skin while the top part is left long to attain the lion look. The lion cut can be left natural looking with wispy fly away hairs or scissored to be neater or tapered in appearance.

  • All Over Cut
  • Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.07.38 AM 

    The fur is cut to one length all over the dog’s entire body (not including the head, ears, or tail). This can be done at any length depending on the coat type and if the dog is tangled or not.

    .Teddy Bear Cut

    The teddy bear cut is an adorable cut that is suitable for medium to long hair dogs. The cut leaves approximately one to two inches of fur length around the dog’s entire body with a rounded cut around the dog’s face; the soft undercoat which is generally exposed by this type of cut gives the dog a downy and soft teddy bear coat.

    Again, all of these cuts can be varied to suit each of our client’s individual needs. If you prefer a schnauzer cut with short legs and skirt for easier maintenance, just let us know. Talk to our groomer today about what “cut” is right for your dog.

Dog Grooming – Head Terminology

  • Clean Face
  •   IMG_3578 (1)
  • Typically done on poodles, we are shave the face clean and very close to the skin.

  • Topknot
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  • A topknot refers to the top of a dog’s head. It should be round and blended into the body seamlessly.


     A topknot can be a fluffy poodle head or a ponytail or pigtails at the top of the head on other dogs.

  • Teddy Bear Head
  • IMG_5689 
  • This is a rounded face and head typically given to shih-tzus and other small dogs.

  • Bichon Head

  • IMG_4742 

  • A bichon head is almost always exclusively done on the Bichon Frise because it requires full, fluffy hair to scissor properly. This is a rounded or sometimes triangular (with the corners rounded off) head. The ears are trimmed short and blended into the rest of the head so that they don’t stand out away from the rest of the head.

  • Tipped Ears

  • IMG_5904  

    Some breed cuts have what we call tipped ears. This means the top 1/3rd of the ear

    is shaved leaving sharply pointed ears. Yorkies and westies

    usually have tipped ears.

  • Leave Lashes 

    Some pet parents ask us to leave the eyelashes long
    on their dogs. Dogs can twitch, jerk, sneeze, or get startled when

    being groomed. When we have scissors around those eyelashes, for example, when trimming a schnauzer’s eyebrows or rounding a teddy bear head, it can be difficult to avoid cutting the eyelashes. We will do our best to keep those lovely lashes long, but it’s never a guarantee.

Dog Grooming – Feet Terminology

  • Clean Feet
  • Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 9.33.59 AM
  • Just like the above mentioned clean face, clean feet are completely shaved exposing the nails and the entire foot

    up to the ankle area. Clean feet are usually done on poodles.

    • Round Feet
    •  Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.00.18 AM
    • Round feet are fluffy feet that we scissor neatly without exposing the nails.

    • Tight Feet
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  • Tight feet are kind of in between clean feet and rounded feet. They expose the nails, keep the feet free from matting, but are not shaved close to the skin. 

Dog Grooming – Body Terminology

  • GI Cut

  • Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.06.44 AM 

  • A GI cut is a full strip all over the body including the head, ears, and tail. EVERYTHING gets shaved. Many petparents choose the GI cut for their dog if it is badly matted, sheds a lot, or if it has a dense undercoat.
  • Kennel Cut 

  • IMG_4663

  • Many of you out there use this term broadly to mean an allover shave down. In the dog grooming world, a kennel cut is an allover length set either with a blade or a guide comb, but with clean face and clean feet as well as a topknot.

    .Pom Pom


  • Pom poms are typically done on poodles or other fluffy coated dogs. They are usually cut above clean feet and on 

    the end of the tail. Only curly or thick coated dogs have hair that can be scissor into round pom poms.

  • Fanny 

  • A strip shaved from the anus down to the belly area for those dogs that are extremely hairy around the backendlike Pomeranians and chows. If your dog has problems getting waste stuck in their hair, this is an excellent solution.
  • Mini Trim

  •  IMG_3412

  • Face, Fanny, Nails. This keeps the potty areas clean between grooms. 

  • Shell Out

  •  IMG_6665

  • A shell out is when the belly area is shaved all the way up to the arm pit area and includes the arm pits. This is done on dogs with lots of tangles underneath their arms or on

    their tummies or for dogs that have a lot of undercoat.

    Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.47.43 AM