Grooming Tips

 Health Benefits of Grooming

Grooming removes dead hair, leaving only the healthy hair behind, which immediately looks and feels better. It also lets air circulate through the coat better, reducing any odor. It keeps the dog cooler, and looks cleaner.  It is also a good idea to bathe your dog regularly with a quality dog shampoo to further improve the benefits of general grooming.

Grooming stimulates blood flow, which in turn improves blood supply to the hair follicles and thus improves the health of the overall coat.

Grooming also stimulates the lymphatic system, thus having a positive affect on the dogs overall health in the same way that a massage does for humans.

Benefits for the Owner

Let’s face it, we humans prefer a nice smelling house.  A home that smells like “dog” is not pleasant. A clean smelling dog means a cleaner smelling home!

In addition, our professional shedding tools and techniques are so effective, you will notice up to an 80% decrease in shedding in your home if groomed on a regular basis.


The Convenience of Mobile Pet Grooming

 We love our pets, and want to keep them in the best of shape; active, healthy and happy. This of course includes keeping them clean, and with pets who have a very active outdoor lifestyle, this can be tough to keep up. You can opt for cleaning your pets at home, but this can get messy, and you might find yourself cleaning the bathroom for more time than it took you to wash your dog or cat. You could take your pet to a grooming shop, but between time for transport, waiting in line, the grooming itself, and the ride home, this can be quite an inconvenience. Not to mention costly! There is another alternative that more and more pet owners are coming to use, and that is mobile pet grooming.

With mobile pet grooming, you can schedule an appointment at a time that works for you. The groomer will arrive at your home with everything they need to leave your pet clean and styled. Everything happens inside the mobile grooming station so there is no chance of a mess being made inside your home. The groomer will take your pet inside their mobile grooming station and will come out with a perfectly cleaned and groomed pet .

Mobile grooming also has the advantage of being able to have your pet professionally washed and groomed, without taking them out of their comfort zone. Many pets, cats especially, don’t like to be taken out of their usual environment, and driven around town in a car. With the mobile groomer parked right outside, there is just a quick walk from the front door to get bathed.

Cost can be another issue. Grooming shops tend to have more overhead to pay, and that equals higher prices for you. A mobile groomer has much fewer costs, and so can pass the savings along. Keeping your pet looking great doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Great rates and packages are available.

It is important to keep your pet groomed on a regular basis. Dirty dogs and cats are more likely to get sick. Keeping them clean helps to avoid unnecessary trips to the vet, and can help prevent flea and tick infestations. So take care of your pet and yourself by keeping them clean, the easy, convenient way. Try mobile pet grooming, you’ll be glad you did, and your pet, and your bank account will thank you.


Choosing between Spa or Mobile Pet grooming?

Pet grooming refers to hygienic cleaning and caring of pets like dogs and cats, which also include enhancing your pet’s physical appearance for purposes of competitions or pet shows. The person who is paid or employed in a spa or salon for grooming dogs is called a “groomer”.

Regular grooming of your pet is very important in order to keep them healthy, clean and manageable. To be particular, daily grooming of your pet dogs or cats is required to prevent health problems like scratches or thrush, to maintain their cleanliness, to monitor if they have cuts, swelling or experience changes in temperament that may indicate illness, to build a closer bond between the owner and the pet and to reduce parasite infestation on their skin.

You can perform pet grooming for your pets at home if you have the needed materials, however, for those who cannot give much time for this task or lack grooming materials which can be costly, bringing your dogs or cats to pet spas or self-serve grooming services is one convenient way. Payment for pet grooming depends mainly on the breed, age and health of your pet dog or cat. It is important to note that some dogs shed, so regular care and cleaning by a professional groomer is really essential.

Pet salons provide a wide array of grooming services to all breeds of dogs and cats. They provide services like bathing, hand scissor trimming, hand stripping, nail dremeling, coat carding, toothbrushing and soft paw applications. Additional pet spa services include up-to-date vaccinations and customized grooming programs for your pets.

However, if your pet suffers anxiety when left in the shop or feels worn out when exposed to crowded and noisy environment while locked in a cage for a period of time, try mobile pet grooming services. Mobile grooming provides ease and comfort since you will not be transporting your pet back and forth to the spa. Your pet will achieve 100% full service and attention from a professional groomer, unlike in a pet saloon where groomers have to attend to the needs of all the pets brought in the shop.

With mobile grooming, your pet’s health is well-protected. They will avoid diseases, tics, fleas and mites which they might obtain from salons inundated with different sorts of pets. Some salons may overlook to sanitize their cages between pet visits. Yet, one thing to check out when opting for mobile grooming services is ensuring that the grooming tools they use are disinfected between clients they visit during the day.


Savings on Pets by Enrolling in Pet Insurance

Pets are part of the family and taking care of them is a responsibility that should be part of everyday life. It is important for the family pet to have the right care for maintaining their health. It does not matter if your pet is a puppy, adult dog, aging dog, kitten, cat, reptile like a lizard or snake, a bird, hamster, horse, pot belly pig, aquarium fresh or salt water, box turtle, and the list can go on. Pets depending on what you have adopted can become expensive when they get sick and just making sure they get the right type of food. We are always looking to save money with sales and coupons so click below for savings on products to help take care of your pet.

Many local chain stores have weekly and monthly sales are advertised in the media for pet food, litter or toys’. How to take care of a pet greatly depends on what pet you have for instance if you have a hamster then changing the litter and making sure fresh water is given to it daily is taking care of the pet. On the other hand if you own a small dog then making sure it has a nutritious dog food, fresh water, and walked a few times a day is only partially taking care of it. The next part is making sure that the small dog has the necessary shots for prevention from a licensed vetenarian to prevent them from getting sick along with the state rabbi tag and shot. The next part of taking care of the small dog or any size dog is making sure they groomed and nails trimmed. The vetenarian or assistant usually have people they know that groom dogs and even cats. There are some places like Pet Smart that has a grooming area for dogs and cats as long as you have the necessary paper work showing that their shots including rabbi’s is up to date.

Dogs, cats and other pets can have bills that can add up quickly. Medical bills for a small dog to have prevention shots, rabbi shot and tag can be close to $200.00. Here is a note though there are variables to the rabbi shot and state tag. It will depend on what state you live in, the requirements in a township, whether the pet is neutered and other laws that a city may have on owning a specific domestic pet. Information at vetenarian offices are offering alternative ways to pay for their service but are also offering pet insurance to clients to help in the cost. They have pamphlets for clients to read and then you can go online to compare the medical insurances. Many are paid on a monthly basis with a deductible and have choices of levels to pick from that are in your budget. In many cases if you have more than one breed of pet or kind they can be added to the insurance and save the owner money in the long run. Many vetenarian bills for any illness or injury can add up to be several hundred dollars. A good average for a year of vetenarian services is around $200.00 minimum and it goes up. So how to save money on your pet from flea products to dog food should be easy by just clicking here. Find products that are good for your pet and save money for you, too.

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